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About Clearwater Hideaway Condo Neighborhood 



Colleges & Universities Distance

Keiser University    Drive: 8 min 2.8 mi

St Petersburg College, Epi Center  Drive: 10 min 5.5 mi

St Petersburg College, Health Center  Drive: 16 min 8.5 mi

St Petersburg College., Seminole Drive: 18 min 9.4 mi

1433 S Belcher Rd is within 5 minutes or 2.5 miles from St Petersburg, Clearwater. It is also near St Petersburg Collegiate, Epi Center and St Petersburg Coll, Health Center


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Points of Interest

Time and distance from 1433 S Belcher Rd.

Shopping Centers Distance

Imperial Square  Walk: 4 min 0.2 mi
Gulf-To-Bay Plaza Drive: 3 min 1.2 mi
Clearwater Mall Drive: 7 min 2.6 mi
Sam's Club Drive: 6 min 2.0 mi
Home Depot Drive: 7 min 2.1 mi
Costco Drive:  7 min 2.3 mi

1433 S Belcher Rd has 3 shopping centers within 1.4 miles, which is about a 3-minute drive.
The miles and minutes will be for the farthest away property.
Parks and Recreation Distance

Crest Lake Park Drive: 6 min 3.0 mi
Moccasin Lake Nature Park Drive: 8 min 3.8 mi
Clearwater Marine Aquarium Drive: 13 min 6.4 mi
Florida Botanical Gardens Drive: 15 min 8.2 mi
Philippe Park  Drive: 17 min 8.6 mi

1433 S Belcher Rd has 5 parks within 8.6 miles, including Crest Lake Park, Moccasin Lake Nature Park, and Clearwater Marine Aquarium.
Military Bases Distance

Governmental U.S. Coast Guard  Drive: 11 min 5.4 mi
MacDill Air Force Base Drive: 42 min 24.0 mi

1433 S Belcher Rd is 5.4 miles from Governmental U.S. Coast Guard, and is convenient to other military bases, including MacDill Air Force Base.
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Places of Worship

St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, Clearwater   Drive: 5 min 1.7 mi

Congregation Beth Shalom, Clearwater  Drive: 2 min 0.4 mi

Chabad of Clearwater  Drive: 3 min 0.6 mi

Masjid Hamza, Largo  Drive: 15 min 5.5 mi

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